Bunge receives the Award for Industry of the Year

The Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services of San Lorenzo and its surroundings, granted Bunge Argentina, Industrial Complex Puerto General San Martin, the award for "Industry of the Year 2012", the highest award for the industrial belt.
Bunge shared the triplet with other companies also operating in the area. "At Bunge Argentina, we are proud to receive this award to the industry of year, and particularly, acknowledging the career and reputation of the companies that accompanied us in this nomination", said Ángel Martínez, Chief Operating Executive, Bunge's Industrial Complex, General San Martín Port.
Meanwhile, Ariel Lascano, manager of GSM Port Complex, added: "To get to this stage nowadays, we have traveled a path of hard work and management, in the pursuit of excellence in our operations and in terms of relationships with the communities in which we operate."
In General San Martín Port we have been working - as in the communities where the Company has operations - together with the living forces within the community, undertaking a commitment in terms of sustainable development, thus strengthening a growing relationship.
It is worth mentioning that, throughout this year, we have been granted two other awards: a Recognition Award for the job done, granted by the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services of General San Martín Port, and an Award to the Action of Social, Corporate and Industrial Responsibility, for the contribution to the environment by planting native trees at the Bicentennial Park in General San Martín Port, awarded by the NGO Periodismo + Humanizado, Puerto General San Martín's living forces representative.
These achievements highlight our commitment with a serious, integrated, transparent, reliable, efficient and sustainable management.
"Certainly, none of these awards could have happened without the joint efforts of the entire team", said Ariel Lascano.